Diversified offers a long-term approach, broad industry experience, access to capital, a global presence and back office resources.

We seek opportunities with these preferred attributes:

Financial Attributes

  • Revenue > $5M
  • EBITDA  margins > 15%
  • Valuation range of $5M to $30M
  • Preference for 100% ownership

Industry Attributes

  • B2B
  • Businesses with low inventory and capex requirements
  • Long-term growth potential

Business Attributes

  • Established business models
  • Existing management team or succession plan
  • Market leader
  • Low customer concentration
  • US-based, with preference for Maine, New England and eastern US
  • Potential for domestic and/or global expansion

Why Diversified Holding Co. as an Acquirer?

Long-term approach: Privately held and family-owned, with a “buy, hold and invest” approach to acquisitions
Broad industry experience: Experience in and access to communities in over a dozen industry verticals
Access to capital: Available capital for growth initiatives, new product launches and follow on acquisitions
Global presence: Existing footprint in US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and Asia
Back office resources: Strong centralized HR, IT, marketing insights, corporate development, finance, accounting and legal functions at Portland, ME headquarters

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